Some systems are experiencing issues

Past Incidents

11th May 2021

Fixed Wireless Access Power Failure

Powercut in Northwood affecting customers in Northwood and the Outskirts of Newport.

  • SSEN have now restored power to the mast - services in this area are now restored.

  • 10th May 2021

    No incidents reported

    9th May 2021

    No incidents reported

    8th May 2021

    No incidents reported

    7th May 2021

    VDSL/FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) FTTC Broadband - Isle of Wight, Portsmouth

    We're receiving a number of reports that FTTC broadband is down a number of telephone exchanges accross Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

    We're working with our suppliers for updates.

  • All services have remained stable over the weekend, we not consider this to be resolved.

  • It looks like connections in these areas are coming back online - we'll continue to monitor the incident and we look forward to receiving an RFO from our suppliers.

    This looks like a NEOS networks issue which is affecting multiple providers and service types.

  • Fixed Wireless Access Power Failure


    We have detected a powercut at a mast site in the PO33 Area so customers in this area will experience loss of service.

  • Just as our engineer arrived on site with a generator the mains power restored.

    We'll keep an eye on this, but hopefully it was just a momentary blip.

    As a side note, we're planning maintenence on the affected side within a couple of weeks where we will be installing a backup battery system.

  • 6th May 2021

    No incidents reported

    5th May 2021

    Fixed Wireless Access Slowness in 2 aras


    Our monitoring has detected a couple of issues in network this evening on two masts. Ironically, similar faults at both sites but unrelated. This would have affected a hanfull of customers in the Porchfield, Wellow, Ningwood sort are area and also a handful of customers in East Cowes.

    Everything is looking healthy now but we'll keep an eye on it in the meantime.

  • Network monitoring shows that the service has been stable overnight so we consider this incident to be resolved.